Thursday, October 31

More Conspiracy Theory Crap

Dadgummit! My comments were down all freaking day. If anyone can point me to a better comment package, please let me know.

As most of you know, I don't do all that much linking, but, my buddy Addison sent me this link that is just so delicious, I have to share it. And the nice thing is, Dimocrats can't bitch about it being in poor taste since they pretty much set the standard of abhorrent taste a few nights ago at their foot stomping campaign rally solemn memorial service for Saint Paul 'the dead' Wellstone.

I wrote sumpin' a few nights ago about the Conspiracy Theory being tossed around over at the Democratic Underground web site. Are these people fruitcakes or what? Anyway, Michael from Dunwoody sent me the following e-mail:


I really enjoyed your Monday take on the "conspiracy" to kill Wellstone.However you must realize that any attempt to blame the dimocrats for this horrible event is completely misplaced.I know your piece defended Republicans against this horrible accusation but you did imply that the only party that benefited from this accident were demo,dimocrats(sorry my spelling is still off).Nothing could be further from the truth.How can I tactfully put this.The dimocrat's wife was killed.If this was truly a dimocrat plot to kill off one of their more unpopular pols just before an election,the wife would have been on another plane!

And by golly, he's right! It obviously was a Republican plot. I owe the folks over at the Democratic Underground an apology. Not! Michael from Dunwoody happens to be a friend of mine and he was just making a joke. What? Joking about death? Well, obviously Bill Clinton and Walter Mondale thought it was funny as they were really yukking it up at the foot stomping campaign rally memorial service the other night. And after all, what's it matter if there's a dead senator as long as they can keep the seat?

You know who else thinks this is an assassination? Why none other than Ted Rall. I've never actually read any of his stuff, and now I know why. This guy actually makes Molly Ivins look rational and intelligent. Don't worry, I'm not gonna fisk the whole column, but I don't think I've ever read a column where I can fisk every single sentence. Here's the link


The title. It only gets worse.

George W. Bush's Legacy of Cynicism and Contempt

The subtitle. And let me say that Bush has to go a long way to even come close to Bill Clinton's Legacy of Cynicism and Contempt. The Clintons and the current gaggle of Dimocrat assholes have set a standard that will remain unrivaled until the next Dimocrat administration.

George W. Bush and his henchmen stole the presidency.

Ah yes. Liberals have to keep saying that knowing that there are plenty of stupid people in this country who actually believe it. They're called Dimocrats.

They threw thousands of innocent people into prison without even charging them with a crime.

Proof, Ted! I want some proof. If there were thousands of 'innocent people' in prison, the lamestream media would have their relatives on the evening news every night decrying the Gestapo tactics of Adolph Bush and Heinrich Ashcroft. Do you really think that Peter Jennings and Dan Blather could keep quiet about this?

They're gearing up to invade Iraq without bothering to come up with a substantial justification.

Howza 'bout the fact that we hate his mustache and his stupid beret? Not good enough? OK. He's developing nukes. He is a sponsor of terrorism. He's one of the impediments to peace in the Middle East. And, as a warblogger I want to see blood, blood, and more blood. Vote for me at Daily Pundit

Now some Democrats and progressive Americans

Is progressive American an euphemism for communist?

are asking the unthinkable about an administration they increasingly believe to be ruled by thugs and renegades.

These are the same people who think the Republicans stole the 2000 election.

Did government gangsters murder the United States' most liberal legislator?


Talk of foul play began hours after Senator Paul Wellstone's plane went down over northeastern Minnesota on Oct. 25, killing him, his wife an his daughter, along with three staffers and two pilots.

Yep! Them Republicans, not satisfied with starving old people and throwing thousands of innocent people into prison are now killing liberal Senators. Yep! Makes perfect sense to me.

"Please tell me I'm wrong to be thinking what I'm thinking," a self-described "liberal Democrat" from St. Paul e-mailed me that evening.

First you have to tell me what you're thinking. The thought processes of anyone admitting to being a liberal Dimocrat, and therefore a fucking idiot, are totally beyond the comprehension of any rational being. A liberal Dimocrat is someone who believes that Hillary Clinton is a lady and Rosie O'Donnell isn't a man.

"I want to be wrong,

Let me help you out. You are wrong. You're also a fucking idiot!

but I wouldn't put it past the Republicans--THESE Republicans--to sabotage Wellstone's plane."

So let me get this straight. THESE Republicans are worse than ordinary, garden variety Republicans? Do they torture the old folks before they steal their Social Security checks and then push their wheelchairs over cliffs?

Internet discussion groups and e-mail in-boxes quickly echoed her sentiment.

Yep! Especially at that bastion of sanity, the Democratic Underground.

People expressed similar fears after Commerce Secretary Ron Brown

Hold it right there Baba Looey! Everyone knows that Ron Brown was part of the Clinton bodycount. He was due to testify against Clinton and he had to be silenced. I know it's the truth. I read it at Free Republic. Next thing you know they'll be trying to blame Bush and his henchmen for James McDougal and Vince Foster.

and Missouri Governor Mel Carnahan died in plane crashes--the latter weeks before facing an election challenge from future Bush Attorney General John Ashcroft--

This one has really been bugging me, but I've finally figgered it out. Bush didn't want Ashcroft to win so he could appoint him as Attorney General and thus help him build the future police state after he talked Osama bin Laden into having his guys crash the planes into the World Trade Center which would enable Bush to declare marshall law and take over the gummint. And Bush thought electing a dead guy in Missouri would be kinda neat, kinda like Weekend at Bernie's in the Senate. I heard he really likes that movie. And the liberals think Bush is dumb. He's outthought them at every turn. He even knew they would make themselves look crass and petty this week at the foot stomping campaign rally memorial service.

but the whispers of assassination following the Wellstone tragedy are more widespread and gaining mainstream currency far beyond the usual conspiracy nuts.

Yeah. Not only is it the wackos at Democratic Underground, but the moderates over at probably feel that way too. Next thing you'll be telling me that Eleanor Clift and Margaret Carlson feel that way. And let's not forget Helen Thomas.

A Convenient Death

It sure was. We got a damn good campaign rally outta it. And the wackos on the left now have better conspiracy theories than the wackos on the far, far right.

The Minnesota senator's death certainly comes at an auspicious time for the Republican Party.

And this time they did it right. They made sure the wife was with him so she couldn't be appointed if Bernie Wellstone won the election.

Wellstone's challenger, former St. Paul mayor Norm Coleman, was considered by both parties to be the GOP's best chance for recapturing the 50-to-49 Democratic U.S. Senate.

Then why jeopardize his chances by drumming up a sympathy vote for a dead guy? Ya think they might have learned from Missouri, right? And Ted, technically Jeffords is an independent. And Ventura is so pissed he might appoint an independent to serve the rest of the year. Wouldn't that be neat?

Wellstone had been considered vulnerable for two reasons: his principled

Have ya ever noticed that when a liberal opposes sumpin' it's principled, but when a conservative opposes sumpin' it's partisan?

opposition to Bush's Iraq war resolution (the Senate voted 77-to-23 in favor) and a strong Green Party candidacy sure to siphon off leftie votes.

Then why kill him?

Bush was so anxious to silence the Senate's most liberal voice

I don't know about that. Barbara Boxer could give him a good run for that title.

(Mother Jones magazine called him "the first 1960s radical elected to the U.S. Senate") that he personally recruited Coleman to run against him.

And soundly defeating Wellstone at the polls would do a better job of silencing him than killing him.

Bush then campaigned furiously against Wellstone, attending two fundraisers which raised over $2.3 million--more than he raised for any other Republican candidate, including his brother Jeb.

Now this is what really pisses off the Dimocrats. Bush is raising more money than Clinton did. I'll bet that hurts!

Republicans resorted to Nixon-style dirty tricks in the Coleman campaign.

Unlike the Clinton/Gore/Dimocrat dirty tricks which included an ad in Texas equating Bush with the assholes who dragged James Byrd behind a truck, because he was against hate crime legislation. But that ad was done by the NAACP. That's right. And they're a non-partisan organization. Huh? I'm missing sumpin' here I guess.

Coleman called Wellstone "extremist" and implied he was a communist.

Oh, so telling the truth about an opponent in an election is now a dirty trick? I just read a few sentences back that Wellstone was the first 1960's radical elected to the Senate. And Ted, I hate to have to break this to ya but Wellstone was a communist.

GOP workers phoned senior citizens to tell them that Wellstone was plotting to take away their Social Security.

Now that is a dirty trick. Everyone knows that only Dimocrats are allowed to scare senior citizens over Social Security.

They called members of the National Rifle Association to tell them that Wellstone was plotting to take away their guns.

He wasn't? That's news to me.

They even ran newspaper ads depicting gruesome photos of late-term abortions.

The cads! Trying to make abortion a campaign issue. How dare they!

Despite the money and sleazy tactics being used against him,

Only to a Dimocrat could telling the truth about a Dimocrat's position on the issues be a sleazy tactic.

recent polls showed Wellstone beginning to pull ahead.

Now I had heard just the opposite, but, what do I know?

With Election Day looming on Nov. 5, many analysts were predicting a Wellstone victory and continued Democratic dominance of the Senate.

Which would mean two more years of Tommy Dasshole as majority leader. Yechhh!

Perhaps, the thinking goes, someone in the Bush regime decided Wellstone had to go.

And with that, I think I have to go. Wading on down through the rest of Ted's bilge, I see that he knows very little about general aviation, one of the things being that politicians have slipped a little exception into the rules about the pilot qualifications required to fly politicians in private aircraft. Neal Boortz (read the whole thing) wrote about it. By the way, Carnahan's son was the pilot when he died. I do not believe he had a commercial pilot's license.

So Molly, move over. Ted Rall has replaced you as the most fiskable columnist ever. And as for all you stupid Dimocrats who think the Republicans are knocking off Dimocrat senators up for reelection, it's only four more years until Hillary runs again.

Not to worry. I don't think it's possible to sabotage a broom.

Wednesday, October 30

Saint Paul of Wellstone

Just when you think the Dimocrats cannot sink any lower, that they cannot do anything more crass or show less class, they have to prove me wrong. Of course I'm referring to the Wellstone political rally memorial service. I hope all of you folks in Minnesota are proud of that spectacle.

We have been treated over and over again with the eulogies from the lamestream media about what a wonderful person Paul Wellstone was. Yeah, he was a socialist, but he meant well. So did Lenin. Lileks said he wasn't for putting people in gulags. Neither was Marx. Look, I'm sorry he died, but enough with all the platitudes already. And if he was such a great man, couldn't he have given his sons a little more class? What's this shit about the vice-president not being welcome at the service? Going to funerals is in the job description. When I heard that I didn't believe it at first, but then I remembered: They're Dimocrats. I should know better than to expect class from any Dimocrat. But, can you imagine if it had been a Republican senator who had died and his family had said a Dimocrat vice-president was not welcome? The New York Times and the Washington Post and NBCCBSABCCNNMSNBC would be screaming 'mean spirited' 'partisan', and any other epithets they are fond of throwing at Republicans.

Two years ago, Paul Coverdell, a Republican senator from Georgia died. I don't remember his wife telling any Dimocrats they weren't welcome. But, she obviously has a lot more class than the Wellstone boys. I also don't remember the lamestream media carrying on like they have for Wellstone. Oh, that's right. He was a Republican. Republicans are evil. Dimocrats are saints.

And I missed that rousing rally they held at Coverdell's memorial service. What? There wasn't one? How about the booing of Dimocrat politicians who came to pay their respects? That didn't happen either? How could that be? I thought Republicans were mean spirited and partisan and were willing to politicize anything.

So now the joke can go that I went to a Dimocrat funeral and a political rally broke out. Why didn't they just sit Wellstone up and have him wear a sign that said, 'Sure I'm dead, but vote for me anyway'? This can be a new Dimocrat campaign strategy: Dead men running. It worked in Missouri two years ago with Mel Carnahan. The Dimocrat Party where dead voters vote for dead candidates.

Some dipshit over at the Democratic Underground thinks this is a Republican conspiracy. Ya know, bumping off Dimocrat Senators in plane crashes right before the election. It's a funny conspiracy. Why do the Republicans want to elect Dimocrats? That's what happened in Missouri. And the Dimocrats are hoping they can make it work again.

I missed the canonization service. I'm glad since I always cry at funerals, especially funerals of saints. But I read the following in today's Atlanta Urinal and Constipation:

For the first two hours, speakers remembered the eight with poignant anecdotes. But when Wellstone's friend and longtime campaign treasurer Rick Kahn took the stage, he adopted the late senator's fiery speaking style and abruptly demolished the leaky dike that had held back most political speech since the accident.

The Dimocrats could simply not pass up a golden opportunity to turn a death into a political event. 'Dimocrats, Farmers, Labor, lend me your ears. I come to elect Wellstone, not to bury him.'

"If Paul Wellstone's legacy in the Senate comes to an end just days after this unspeakable tragedy, our spirits will be crushed, and we will drown in a river of tears," Kahn said. "We are begging you, do not let this happen."

Give! Me! A! Fucking! Break! What the fuck is wrong with Wellstone's sons? If some asshole had tried to make my parents' death a political circus like this I would have walked up on that stage and kicked his nuts so far up inside him he'd be choking on them!

Kahn even called on Republican senators in attendance to stand up in the election's final days and to urge others to keep Wellstone's dreams going forward.

What??!!?? A commie bastard dies and now we're all supposed to abandon all of our principles to implement his dream of a socialist United States? Only the mind of a liberal could come up with that.

Wellstone's sons, David and Mark Wellstone, and Sen. Tom Harkin, D-Iowa, one of Wellstone's closest friends in the Senate, also stoked the crowd to fight for Mondale, though none of them mentioned him by name.

Of course they didn't. They want everyone to vote for Saint Paul 'the dead' Wellstone. Great bunch of boys you raised there Senator Wellstone. A credit to the Dimocrat Socialist Party.

Republicans quickly criticized the partisan tone of the memorial. "I was frankly stunned. It was over the top," said Sarah Janecek, a Republican consultant. KARE-TV in Minneapolis, which carried the service live, said it received hundreds of calls from outraged viewers.

I hope you outraged viewers will remember this crap next week and express your disgust at the polls.

What a complete, total, absolute sham," Vin Weber, a former U.S. representative from Minnesota, told the Minneapolis Star-Tribune. "The DFL clearly intends to exploit Wellstone's memory totally, completely and shamelessly for political gain. To them, Wellstone's death, apparently, was just another campaign event."

Well Vin, what do you expect? You expect any shame whatsoever from a Dimocrat? This is the party that stood by and defended the most corrupt and dishonorable president in this country's history.

State House Speaker Steve Sviggum, R-Kenyon, said it was disrespectful that the crowd cheered when former President Bill Clinton,

A white trash hillbilly and sexual harasser.

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton

A commie bitch.

and Sen. Ted Kennedy, D-Mass.,

Noted swimmer and champion of women.

appeared on the big monitors and that the crowd jeered when U.S. Senate Minority Leader Trent Lott, R-Miss., and former GOP Sen. Rod Grams of Minnesota were on the screens.

Do you seriously expect to see any class (other than low) whatsover from Dimocrats? Look at who their heroes are.

It was during Kahn's speech that Ventura and First Lady Terry Ventura got up shaking their heads and walked out. Lott also walked out during the service.

Good for them, especially Lott. Maybe he's growing a spine. And isn't it amazing that an ex-professional wrestler had more class than all the Dimocrats in attendance? Well maybe not. Eight years of Clinton pretty much removed any class or honor the Dimocratic Party ever had.

It just goes on and on and on and keeps getting worse. I just wonder what Wellstone himself would have thought of the spectacle? If he were the paragon of virtue that he has been made out to be, he would have been totally disgusted.

Like Diogenes looking for an honest man, I keep hoping that I may one day see an honorable Dimocrat. Supposedly, one just died. Too bad his death was cheapened and used as a political event.

You Dimocrats must feel so proud.

Tuesday, October 29

As Bloodthirsty As I Wanna Be

My friend Michael remarked a few weeks ago that I seemed to have lost my passion after Cynthia McKinney got defeated. And then I was just reading Rachel Lucas the other day and she commented that she got hate mail and some of the more offensive male bloggers didn't. And that got me to thinking that I still have not received any hate mail. I did have some sissy anti-gun asshole from some Scandinavian country say on his website that I should be taken outside and shot, which I thought was rather ironic. But who gives a shit about what someone from a Scandinavian country says? These are the same people who gave Jimmy Carter and Yassir Arafat Nobel Peace Prizes. Next year they'll probably give one to Saddam Hussein.

Anyway, I think I have the hate mail thing figgered out. It's not as if I'm not offensive, though I do admit, looking back at some of my earlier stuff, I do seem to have mellowed out a bit. I'll have to see if I can do sumpin' about that. Toren Smith once remarked that I made him look like St. Francis of Assisi, but he's catching up with his idea of carving T-E-R-R-O-R-I-S-T-S on the skulls of some lamestream media types. I'm in favor of using a hot branding iron myself. And I'd brand sumpin' like FUCKHEAD or DIPSHIT or my favorite BOOGER EATIN' MOH-RON.

The reason I don't get hate mail is due to my limited readership. I have peaked at between 100 to 150 hits a day. But those hits are by some of the most intelligient people on the planet. They obviously agree with everything I say. All my e-mail and comments confirm that. But let's see if can get some of my passion back and just maybe piss off a few people.

Bill Quick has list of nominees up for MOST HAWKISH AND BLOODY-HUNGRY blog in the blogosphere. Of course I nominated myself. I don't stand a snowballs chance in Hell, but it will give me an excuse to try to get my ranting back up to snuff.

Hawk? You bet I'm a hawk! I'm still pissed off about Viet Nam! And we shoulda stomped the shit out of the Iranians when they took our people hostage. Jimmy Carter was and is a wimp! The crap that was in the local paper about the Nobel Peace Prize was enough to make me puke.

Beirut. We covered that little fat fuck Arafat's ass when the Israelis drove him into Beirut and we made the Israelis let him and a whole bunch of his raghead buddies skip town. We were rewarded by having our Marine barracks blown up. Reagan should have lobbed a few cruise missiles into the Bekaa Valley for that. We still owe some bigtime payback to Hezbollah for that.

We should have finished off Saddam Hussein back in Gulf War I. I'm just hoping Bush is waiting for the weather to cool. Yesterday, he pretty much told the UN to go fuck itself. Hope Den Beste is happy. He wanted Bush to give the UN the finger before he got back from vacation. He got his wish. About time! I want to see some blood!

And after we take out Iraq, we can look at Syria and Hezbollah. Like I said, there's some payback due there. And let's fix the Palestinian problem. I would like to see a white hot poker rammed right up Arafat's ass. Now, Yassir, you really have a use for those baby wipes you fat asshole.

Damn! This feels good!

You Palestinians want a state? Kiss my ass! You bastards don't deserve a state. I say we move you all into the Gaza Strip and build a big ol' wall around it. You people are animals. You belong in cages.

And let's hear it for the Religion of PeaceTM! I am so sick of hearing that shit. Of the 22 major armed conflicts around the world 20 of them involve Muslims. Any student of history (which prettty much leaves out a large percentage of people who graduated from government schools) can tell you that Islam never has been a peaceful religion. The Arabs came roaring out of Arabia in the 7th Century and spread Islam by armed conflict. By 750 AD, a little over 100 years after the death of Mohammed, the Baghdad Caliphate stretched from the Punjab, through the Middle East, across North Africa to present day Spain. None of this was a peaceful expansion.

There was a 500 year period where the Islamic civilization was a grand and glorious civilization, but around 1250, it began to sink into decline. All it seems to offer now is hatred. Hatred of western civilization. Hatred of Jews. Hatred of America. I can not have any respect for a religion that preaches so much hatred, or of American Muslims who act as if that hatred is justified. Listen up you Muslim assholes! If you don't want us to hate you, stop the hatred! Denounce all the violence. Denounce the hatred. Denounce the bloodshed. You can't can you? And if you hate America so much, leave! I'm sick of all the whining by CAIR and the other Muslim organizations.

I believe we're seeing the beginning of World War III which is a war between radical Islam and western civilization. We didn't start the war. We didn't want the war. But I sure hope we can win the war.

I wanna see Baghdad go boom!

Monday, October 28

Conspiracy Theory

Dadgumit! TCIDNN (The Company I Dare Not Name) has me in CICS school this week. Our CICS programmer is retiring the end of this year, and the three of us remaining full time programmers are all trying to learn CICS. We figger that maybe three of us just might equal one half of her. We should be so lucky. Anyway, since I'm in school, I can't surf at work. Bummer!

I heard the tail end of a campaign commercial for our Senate race between Max Cleland and Saxby Chambliss last week that said Chambliss voted to abolish the Department of Education. I didn't know if that was an ad by Cleland or Chambliss. It sure makes me want to vote for Chambliss. For those of you who don't remember, or who were not around back then, Education used to be a part of the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare. As a campaign promise to the teachers' unions, Jimmy Carter created the Department of Education, and the education system in this country has never recovered. Another memorable event of the Carter presidency.

Did you know that the Rebublicans were behind the airplane crashes that killed Mel Carnahan and Paul Wellstone? Me neither, but that's what the folks over at Democratic Underground have to say.

Wellstone was assassinated under the exact same circumstances as Mel Carnahan, two years ago. Carnahan the Democrat was beating John Ashcroft,

Actually, it was neck and neck and too close to call, but what do the facts have to do with a good ol' Dimocrat conspiracy theory?

but with just two weeks remaining before election day, Carnahans plane conveniently crashes. It is still not enough for the widely un-popular Ashcroft -

Widely unpopular? The election was a tossup.

When the voters considered the prospects of another six years with this Ashcroft, THE VOTERS VOTED FOR THE DECEASED CARNAHAN ANYWAY (actually his wife) RATHER THAN HAVE ASHCROFT FOR ANOTHER TERM !

Actually, the classy Ashcroft, out of respect, quit campaigning, and the sympathy vote, not to mention lots of illegal votes in North St. Louis, elected Carnahan. Just imagine if a dead Republican had been elected. The Dimocrats would have flown in a battalion of lawyers just like they did in Florida.

So the Republicans' killing of Carnahan elected his wife to the Senate. To follow up with the success of that tactic, they decide to try it again with Wellstone. I heard Wellstone was actually trailing, so why would the Republicans want to bump him off? If the Dimocrats were smart, they would use the same tactic they used in Missouri. Keep Wellstone on the ticket. What with all the carrying on in the liberal media, he has now become a saint. That should be good for a lot of votes. And, since so many dead Dimocrats vote (Actually, many of them were probably Republicans when they were alive. They didn't become Dimocrats until after they died. That's the way it works in Chicago.), it would only be natural for them to vote for a dead man. So they would have the sympathy vote, the clueless liberal vote (most of them probably don't even know he's dead), and the dead Dimocrats vote. All they'd have to do is steal a few more votes here and there and they'd have that seat locked up.

But it looks like the Dimocrats, just like in New Jersey with Lautenberg, are staking their future on another young lion, Walter Mondale. This is the face the Dimocrats want you to see: 78 year old Frank Lautenberg and 74 year old Walter Mondale. 'We're rested and we're ready!' Or in a variation of Hillary's listening tour: 'Huh! Speak up! Can't hear you!' Or maybe: 'Can't wait to sink my teeth into the problems facing the nation. That is, as soon as I find my teeth.' I wonder if Fritz is gonna use the effective campaign tactic of his presidential campaign of promising to raise taxes if he's elected?

Ya know, the Dimocrats would really be funny if they weren't so dadgum dangerous.

Sunday, October 27

Doofus, Ashley, and the Religion of PeaceTM

Friday was my birthday. I was 56. My friends Wahoo and Jeanella were coming over for dinner Saturday, but first, I had to take my cats to the vet. Ashley had a kidney infection while I was diving in Roatan, so my friend Cindy took her to the vet. We took her back last week and the antibiotics weren't working, so we changed them and were taking her back to get her checked again. Meanwhile, Doofus, my 14 year old black cat had to have his shots and since he was peeing a lot also, we took him to the vet to have him checked out. So, my good friend Cindy had to take a cripple and two cats to the vet.

But, first, we had to catch 'em. Ashley's not too bright, but she recognizes a cat carrier when she sees one. Last time we had to chase her all over the house and out from under my bed twice. This time, a few minutes before Cindy arrived, I closed my bedroom door. Then, I went into the library to read and Ashley followed me in there. When I saw Cindy's car pull up, I sat down on the floor and held onto her so she couldn't get away. Worked like a charm. Now to get Doofus. He's a little slower now and we caught him easily and he went into the cage real easily also. Lots of crying on the way to the vet. Doofus also crapped. Going to the vet scares the shit out of him.

We were at the vet for over two hours. Turns out Doofus has diabetes. He has to eat special food and, since Ashley is a little porker, it's OK for her to eat the food. I also get to give Doofus an insulin shot once a day. Yes, here we have Dr. GOC, the crippled veterinarian. I get to push a pill down Ashley's throat twice a day and give Doofus an insulin shot once a day. Everyone here at GOC Central is now in rotten health.

Anyway, Saturday's dinner was great! We grilled steaks. I made rotini pasta with shrimp. Tossed a salad. I opened a nice 1995 Chateauneuf du Pape. Had a nice glass of Delemain Vesper cognac after dinner. A good time was had by all.

So it turns out the sniper was an adherent of the Religion of PeaceTM. But all the profilers said he was a white guy. How could that be?

In Saturday's Atlanta Urinal and Constipation, I came across this article.

SNIPER SHOOTINGS: Islam connection shakes Muslims Metro adherents say killers tar their image.

Ya think?

The good news came first, recalled Suhail Ali, a Muslim accountant who lives in Atlanta.

The Washington, D.C.-area sniper, after a three-week reign of terror in a city where Ali had relatives and friends, had finally been caught.

The bad news followed seconds later. One of the suspects was a convert to Islam named Muhammad.

A member of the Religion of Peace.TM

"Ordinarily we celebrate when we hear someone has converted to Islam," said Ali. "But we rue the day when John Allen Williams took the name of our holiest prophet."

For many of metro Atlanta's 32,000 Muslims who gathered at area mosques for noon prayers Friday, the sniper suspect's faith was cause for consternation.

Oh? And why was that?

Some said Muhammad had once again tarred the image of a peaceful religion, just as it was recovering from the shameflul blow dealt by the Sept. 11 hijackers. Others disapprovingly noted that a true Muslim would never boast he is God, as the sniper did in a note at one of the shootings, much less kill without justification.

So the hijackers were not true Muslims? The bombers at Bali were not true Muslims? The murderers of Daniel Pearl were not true Muslims? The hostage takers in Moscow are not true Muslims? The Palestinian thugs who target innocent women and children are not true Muslims? All the calls for death to Americans and Jews at the Grand Mosque at Mecca arenot being preached by true Muslims? There sure must be a lot of fake Muslims running around.

Still others emphatically pointed to reports that Muhammad was a member of the Nation of Islam, a fringe group that combines Islam and black nationalism, and is led by controversial firebrand Louis Farrakhan.

"His ties to Islam are tenuous at best," said Faheem Abu Na'im, an optometrist from Atlanta.

Yeah. Them black Muslims are fake Muslims.

Although officials haven't said whether religious beliefs played a role in the attacks, some Muslims fear that message has seeped into the American consciousness. The recent terrorist attacks in Indonesia, Kuwait and other countries where Americans were killed have strengthened the belief that Islam fosters terrorism, some said.

Could it be because almost all the terrorist acts committed during the last year were by members of the Religion of PeaceTM?

Tarek Aziz, a real estate agent in Sandy Springs, has seen the effects of such a distortion on a close friend.

"He always stood up for me when others asked me all these hostile questions about Islam," said Aziz. "But after this latest incident, he says, 'You know, Tarek, there's always a reason behind stereotypes.'

"Even he had internalized that being a Muslim means you're anti-American."

No, he had probably internalized that the face of Islam shown to the world is of an intolerant, hate spewing religion. Death to the Jews! Death to America! Tarek, ol' buddy, when we hear this bullshit over and over again and we hear no condemnation from American Muslims we tend to think that you guys agree with all this crap. We hear no high profile Muslim leaders in the United States condemning all the Islamic terrorism. We hear stuff like it's all Israel's fault. Israel had nothing to do with Bali.

You want us to stop thinking you're anti-American? Condemn all terrorism. Oh, I forgot. To you people, killing Jewish children, women and old people isn't terrorism. But to us civilized people, killing civilians is wrong. We went to a lot of trouble to avoid killing civilians in Afghanistan. We will also try to keep civilian casualties at a minimum when we attack Iraq. Too bad your Religion of PeaceTM does not feel the same way. When we hear Islam actually preaching peace and a comdemnation of killing instead of all the hatred we hear coming from the Middle East, maybe then we'll believe Islam is a Religion of PeaceTM. And when we hear comdemnation of the hatred spewing from the Middle East by American Muslims, maybe then we'll quit thinking you guys are anti-American.

I won't hold my breath.

Thursday, October 24

Who Is Antonio Gramschi?

Just damn! My buddy Kim Dutoit done did a takedown on Lileks. The sacrilege! The horror! You need to scroll down to find what I'm talking about

I'm behind Kim 100% on this. This should not have been a Bleat. It should have been one of Lileks' famous Screeds. And Kim was right. He should have not been so polite and taken every step Kim demanded. Jesus H. Christ! He's right when he said that they're starting earlier in bullshit indoctrination that Hitler. Every year at the start of the school year Neal Boortz rants about people taking their most cherished possessions, their children, and sending them off to gummint indoctrination centers

I have a few questions to ask conservatives:

  • When are you gonna start fighting back? You Republicans quit fighting dirty after Lee Atwater died. Look. This is a war. The Dimocrats will stop at nothing to get and maintain power. They almost stole the election in Florida. And the next time a Dimocrat says that the Supreme Court gave the election to Bush, tell 'em that they were just making Florida obey the law. The all Dimocrat Florida Supreme Court tried to change the election laws (just like the New Jersey Supreme Court did). And anyway, you Dimocrat assholes, all the recounts that Gore wanted, and were done after the election, showed that Bush won. Quit your whining and shut the fuck up! I'm tired of listening to your bullshit.
  • When are you gonna stop watching Survivor and start watching what is being done to your country right before your eyes?

I have another reading assignment. Read this by Mrs. Dutoit. Go ahead. Read it now. I'll wait.

I will be writing sumpin' later about her Mark Twain series and dead white men and the travesty of the public education system. But now that I've brought up education, let's see how it fits into the grand scheme of the Dimocrat Socialist Party.

How many of you have ever heard of Antonio Gramschi? Let's see a show of hands. Anyone? No one? Well, here's some interesting info about him, Marx, and Lenin. Geez, it's from Oakland?

III.Antonio Gramschi, 1891-1937 A.The New Order (L'Ordine Nuovo) 1.Italian Communist newspaper, founded 1919 2.Co-founder of Italian Communist Party, 1921 3.Pre-Prison Writings, ed. Richard Bellamy (Cambridge, 1994) 4.Selections from the Prison Notebooks (Intl. Publishers, 1971) B.Lenin was wrong, and the Leninist revolution will fail 1.The workers will see the revolutionary government as a new boss 2.When the revolution fails, the west will re-import Capitalism

So, according to Gramschi, revolution will fail. Man, he must have been prescient. That's what happened to the Soviet Union and its puppets. He had a better idea:

C.Gradual revolution: infiltrate, Co-opt, Subvert 1.Infiltrate the State: elective & appointed office; judgeships

This was why the 2000 election was so important. Bush will probably get to appoint someone to the Supreme Court. This is also why the 2002 Senate election is important. The Dimocrats want to keep the judicial sysytem as liberal as possible. Look at the way they have bottled up judicial appointments in the Senate. We learned in Florida and in New Jersey that Dimocrat justices have no regard for the law.

2.Infiltrate the military: enlist & subvert from within

So far that hasn't happened yet. I think.

3.Infiltrate justice: undermine and discredit state constitutions

Florida Supreme Court - All Dimocrats. New Jersey Supreme Court - All Dimocrats. The Clinton Justice Department. Need I say more?

4.Infiltrate education: professors & administrators

Hello! They're doing it right in front of us. Good God! They're doing it in pre-school and Lileks is being polite about it. How about a fucking screed? They're doing it to your two year old child right in front of your eyes!

5.Infiltrate & discredit religion: scoundrels as clergymen

Is this a game plan or what? Look at all those disgraceful Catholic priests! And let's make this front page news.

6.Register, then license, then confiscate all privately held weapons

Wow! This is scary. Is there more? You bet!

D.Form or infiltrate international organizations to promote goals such as "global understanding," "economic development," "transfer of resources"

Enter the United Nations and 'one world government' bullshit. The only way I would put up with 'one world government' would be if we ran it. You think I want the French to tell us what to do. By the way, do you know why France is holding up their approval of the Iraq invasion? They have the white flag concession and haven't manufactured enough yet.

E.Both Capitalism and Judaeo-Christian culture must be destroyed before a Communist revolution can succeed

I'm an atheist, but even I'm shocked at the assault on Christianity in this country. And we are moving slowly but surely toward socialism.

1.Religious sentiment cannot be destroyed through legislation, as Lenin believed, but must be redirected from the divine to the state a.Terror will only drive Religion underground b.Religion will then reemerge when Leninism fails

Religion has reemerged in Russia. I was there eight years ago. I was amazed! Gramschi was right on. c.So Religion must be destroyed in the minds of men 2.Infiltrate religious academies and become priests and clergymen a.Subtly promote heresy within religious organizations b.Infiltrators must act so as to discredit the church (1)Cause financial and sexual scandals (2)See that this is given a high profile in the news (3)Like-minded infiltrators in the media will cooperate

Hmmmmm! Sound familiar?

3.Once religion is discredited from within, continuously promote the idea that only the state can solve the problems that have been traditionally brought before the church

Whatever we do, let's not have faith based programs. Let's discredit the Salvation Army because of their anti-gay policies. Remove 'under God' from the Pledge of Allegiance.

F.When propagating revolutionary ideas, cloak them in polite terms 1.National Consensus

Cite polls when they agree with your point of view. Ignore them when they don't.

2.Popular Mandate


3.National Pacification

Gun registration with eventual disarmament.


Democracy. This country is not a democracy. We are a constitutional republic. There is a reason. Our founding fathers did not want mob rule.

5.Global Community

Oh! My! God! It takes a fucking village. I'm about to puke!

6.Economic Justice


7.Economic Democracy

Fucking Socialism!

8.Liberation Theology

Fucking Religious Socialism!

9.Direct Action

What they're doing and we ain't!

G.Marxists "must enter into every civil, cultural, and political activity in every nation, leavening them as yeast leavens bread."

Europe is going there. That's why we're kicking their ass economically.

H. Subvert the existing hegemonic culture and replace it with a "counter-hegemony" that is based on the revolutionary culture of the oppressed masses

Or as Dickhead Gephardt puts it 'those who have not won life's lottery'.

So there you have it. The Dimocrats have taken their game plan straight from Antonio Gramschi. They've taken over the media, the gummint public indoctrination school system. In many states, they have taken control of the judiciary. Election laws mean nothing to them. Look at all the election scandals. They are all Dimocrat scandals, and, since they control the media, they're not telling us that.

So what can we do about it? Howza 'bout turning off the TV and looking at the bullshit that your children are being brainwashed with taught in the gummint indoctrination centers. My sister lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and they tried to brainwash her son with all this multicultural bullshit. My sister and her husband done good with him. He would get in trouble in class because he would disagree with a lot of the bullshit they tried to ram down his throat. Good for him.

Wake up and look at what is going on. There's still time.

Let's not waste it.

Wednesday, October 23

Social Security

I feel better, but I'm in a real grouchy mood. I slept most of the day, which means I probably won't sleep well tonight. That means I'll be dragging my ass tomorrow. But that's not why I am pissed. I want this election to be over. Now! Right Now!

Every two years we can count on the Dimocrats demagoging Social Security. Risky scheme here. The Republicans want old folks to starve there. I'm sick of it. But, since it works, they're gonna continue with the bullshit. I went off on this two days ago and I could probably go off on it until the election.

Social Security is like the Holy Roman Empire (It was not holy, Roman, or an empire.) in that it is not social (unless you mean socialism since it steals money from one group of people to give to another group of people) and it is not security (Try living on it.) This is another despicable thing done by the Dimocrat Socialist Party. They have promulgated this myth that one can live on Social Security.

Besides everything else, Social Security is illegal, that is, if it were run by anyone other than the gummint. It is nothing but a ponzi scheme (a pyramid scheme). The only way it can continue is if you keep adding more suckers people to the system. Unfortunately, we baby boomers are gonna start hitting the system big time. Since we boomers are selfish and self indulgent we didn't bother to have lots of kids. Thus, the bottom of the pyramid is not growing enough to sustain this ripoff. We're fast approaching a day of reckoning.

Stop me if you've heard this before. Within the next few years, we'll either have to raise taxes or cut benefits. Or, we'll have to try another solution. As usual, Dimocrats won't say what their plan is, but during the 40 years they controlled Congress, their solution was always to raise taxes. They also started taxing Social Security itself. Remember, a Dimocrat has never met a tax he didn't like.

Many Republicans are actually risking political suicide by suggesting that we at least look at other solutions. But, with the current bear market the Dimocrats are braying, like the jackasses they are, that if the Republican's risky scheme had been implemented everyone's Social Security money would have been lost.

Let's think about this. We've had 401(K)'s for about 20 years now. I have contributed the maximum amount (12% of my salary plus 3% from TCIDNN ) to my 401(K) which amounts to about 15% of my salary. I have had that in a mix of bonds and stocks. I have been in the Social Security system for 40 years. Currently about 15% of my salary goes to Social Security. What? It's only around 7.5% isn't it? Nope. You pay around 7.5% and your employer pays about 7.5%. That's money your employer could be paying you instead of the gummint. Ask a self employed person how much money he/she pays.

According to my last 401(K) statement, I have made almost as much money as I've contributed. This is after the losses of the past year. If I could invest what I already have in my 401(K) in 6% bonds, I would make almost as much as Social Security will pay me when I start taking payments in six more years. Granted bonds aren't currently paying 6%, but overall my 20 years in the market is doing better than my 40 years of Social Security payments.

This is how the S&P 500 index has done since 1926:

  • Average annual return 10.7%
  • Years with a loss 22 out of 76
  • Average loss -12.1%
  • Worst one year loss -43.1%

The above figures were courtesy of the Vanguard Group and were in the latest newsletter sent with my 401(K) statement. These figures include the 1929 stock market crash. They do not include 2002. Even so, 75 years of data show a 10.7% anual yield over time for the S&P 500. This is real money.

The Social Scurity trust fund on the other hand is broke. Broke? How can that be? The politicians tell us there's over $1 trillion in it. Nope. The trust fund consists of gummint bonds. In other words, the gummint borrowed the money to mask the deficit. Those bonds will have to be paid back. Guess who gets to make the payments? So, we've paid money into Social Security which the gummint has borrowed and then they'll have to tax us again to pay off the gummint bonds. And they have done this right in front of everyone. Suckers!

So we're on our way to big problems. The Republicans want to try something to fix the problem by allowing people to invest their own money. The Dimocrats want to win elections. Ask them what their solution to Social Security is.

Good luck getting an answer.

Tuesday, October 22

No Blog

I'm coming down with sumpin' and I feel like crap. I can't even muster up the energy to make fun of Dimocrats. Maybe tomorrow.

Monday, October 21

Pushing Granny Off the Cliff

Short blog tonight.

Why's that?

I couldn't blog from work.

Whaddya mean you couldn't blog from work? 'Sup wit dat? You mean TCIDNN (The Company I Dare Not Name) expected you to work for the outrageous salary they pay you?

Yeah, I know. I keep telling my boss if you want me to do systems programming and other work like that, I want more money. Also, Operations had problems bringing systems up this AM and I was drinking coffee with one of my co-workers and discussing how this particular DASD box was supposed to handle concurrent write operations and other mundane stuff. When I got back to my office, there were five voicemail messages from Operations asking why the systems weren't coming up and what could I do about the problem. My team lead, who shares my office, asked the same questions. Fortunately, all the problems were simple and were (cough! cough!) uh... programming problems.

What's that. Speak up! I can't hear you.

All right. They were programming problems! I fucked up! Are you happy?

Geez! No need to get ballistic. You sure are touchy.

Anyway, I fixed the simple problems and did some other minor stuff and was just getting ready to go up to the raised floor lab and test out some systems I built last week when my team lead pointed out that we had to attend a conference call on our 1st Quarter 2003 financial plan. That's where we put together our equipment wish list of the hardware resources that we need and will never get. It is an exercise in futility. Most of the call, I make sure the phone is on mute so no one hears my sarcastic remarks and my peals of uncontrollable laughter as I listen to people treat these requests as if they think they will really happen. Excuse me. Could I have another hit off that bong?

My team lead leaves around 3:15. He's real dedicated and comes in around 7:00 AM (He lives in the suburbs north of Atlanta. If you don't leave for work around 6:00 AM, you don't get in until 8:30. Atlanta traffic sucks big time. What about mass transit? Whoa! That's a blog for another day.), works through lunch and leaves between 3:00 and 3:30. Shhhh! Don't tell. I leave about fifteen minutes after he does. The joke running around our department is I leave five minutes after he does, and everyone leaves 45 minutes after I do. If I can't get him out the door before 4:00 PM everyone in the department gets pissed.

I wanted to make sure I got out at a reasonable time since I was going to a Sommelier Guild of Atlanta wine tasting tonight and we were gonna taste 2000 vintage southern Rhone reds. I love Rhone reds. The tasting was excellent and I was on my best behavior. I sat next to a gentleman whose politics happen to be to the left of mine.

Yeah, like that's hard to do. Atilla the Hun would be to the left of you.

Who asked you? Anyway, about a year ago at one of the Guild functions, I was badmouthing the Europeans about Kyoto and how hypocritical they were being and he took exception to what I was saying. We had a little discussion about it. Before he left, he said he hoped I didn't take it personally. Of course I didn't. He was a dumb liberal asshole. Why should I take it personal. No, I didn't tell him that. He sat next to me tonight. I promised Michael (of the Michael and Cindy duo) that I would be good, and I was.

So how was the tasting?

Very good, thank you. I'll be going down to Greens to stock up on some 2000 Rhones for my cellar. The stuff I'll be buying can be drunk now, but won't be primo for over five years, which is why I'll be cellaring it.

So, I'm in a pretty good mood tonight and I'm really mellow and not up to a good rant, but it's not due to lack of effort by the Dimocrats. I got home from work tonight and in my mailbox was a piece of mail that had a picture of toast, scrambled eggs, juice and coffee. Next to that was a copy of the Atlanta Urinal anjd Constipation with a screaming headline Dow at 4-year low as stocks tumble. Under that, it says Investor losses hit $7.1 trillion in bear market. Oh my! What's this all about? As if I didn't know.

On the top of this picture it says For Georgia's Seniors - this was a really bad morning. Under the picture it says And Saxby Chambliss is making it worse

Holy shit! Here comes the Dimocrat scare campaign.

I turn the page and inside is a picure of FDR and the following text:

We depend on Social Security to be there for us.

I don't. I have a brain.

Over 50 years ago when an illegal ponzi scheme Social Security became law - it made a simple promise - that when you retired it would be there for you.

Please tell me if it is such a great system why our elected representatives aren't in it?

And in the years since then, that simple promise has helped millions of Americans retire with dignity

As long as they did not have to rely on it for their sole means of support.

they deserved after a lifetime of work.

Now, however ... some in Congress want to change all that.

Uh Oh! This can't be good!

Saxby Chambliss is one of them.

Why that heartless bastard!

I turn the page in breathless anticipation. What could be next?

Saxby Chambliss has proposed a risky gamble to the Social Security system that puts your future benefits at risk.

Yeah. Like I have a lot of confidence in the Social Security trust fund that the politicians have been raiding ever since Lyndon Johnson put it on budget in the 60's to mask the real size of the deficit. And the surplus the Dimocrats like to crow about? Never happened. Without Social Security tax receipts, there was still a budget deficit. And the trust fund? It's full of IOU's from the gummint. There's no money there. The money has been stolen and spent. And we let the politicians get away with it! Bastards!

Back to what Chambliss is gonna do to granny.

He has proposed a risky scheme that lets Social Security funds be placed in volatile stock market accounts

Rather than stable gummint accounts that have been raided by our elected representatives.

gambling with the solvency of the system

Solvency? The trust funds are full off IOU's. There's no money there!

and putting benefits at risk.

His plan leads to big reductions in Social Security's guaranteed benefits, cuts in the annual cost of living adjustments and raising the retirement age for retirees.

Which is gonna hapen anyway unless we raise the tax on all the gen-x'ers. Sorry dudes. You gonna get fucked! Old people vote.

These Social Security schemes endanger a system that has kept its promise to America's seniors for three generations.

And is just about ready to give gen-x the shaft.

Let's make sure that it is there for current beneficiaries and for generations to come.

Don't let Saxby Chambliss' risky Social Security plan gamble away your retirement.

After all, there's nothing to gamble away. All the money has all been spent. Guess what gen-x? You dudes get to pay my Social Security for the rest of my life.

Dude! I'm gettin' a check. You're gettin' fucked.

Sure is a good thing you don't vote.

Sunday, October 20

Gravitas, Foreign Policy, and Other Bullshit

Are you a dipshit? To find out, take this test. My score was 5%. So I must only be a 5% dipshit.

I had my friends Michael and Cindy over for my birthday last night. Wait a minute. That's not quite right. Every year for my birthday, they have me over to their house for dinner. But, since they're having a wall knocked out to make a big room out of their living room and den, their house is a royal mess. So, they bought dinner at a real good Italian deli/restaurant and we had dinner here at GOC Central. Michael brought over all Italian wines. We had a Soave, a Chianti, and a Barbera. All three were excellent. The food was excellent.

Last night was not really my birthday. That's later this week. I'll be 56. For my birthday, Cindy, who is a very good knitter, gave me a hand knit sweater. This is the seventh sweater she has knitted for me. They are incredibly beautiful. Periodically she asks me which one I like best. That is, of course, a trick question. It's like, "Does this dress make me look fat?" The proper answer is, "Of course not honey. Since you're not fat, no dress could ever make you look fat." I answer the sweater question with, "They're all so beautiful, it's impossible to have a favorite." Oops! My secret is out.

After dinner, we were discussing politics and Michael asked why I hadn't done a blog about the latest revelations that North Korea is developing nuclear weapons. What's there to discuss? It's another foreign policy failure of the Clinton administration. Surprised? Not me. Think back to the 1992 elections. The catch phrase was "It's the economy, stupid." Clinton and Gore kept telling us it was the worst economy in fifty years, which it wasn't, and the fawning liberal press never called them on that lie. Just as it never called them on all the other lies told over and over again by what will probably turn out to be the most corrupt administration in the history of this country. Has any president or first lady ever had their net worth go up as much as the Clintons during their eight years in office?

After the succes of the Gulf War, Clinton certainly couldn't run on foreign policy. Which I think rather ironic that in the 2000 elections the press hammered Bush as not having gravitas and not having a proper grasp of foreign policy. Foreign policy? All of a sudden that's important? And gravitas? Where the fuck did that come from? Who came up with gravitas? And Bush didn't have any? He sure had a hell of a lot more than that overgrown adolescent Bill Clinton who liked to assault women and get his knob waxed by a stupid, chubby intern. You call that gravitas?

Oh shit! Now I'm starting to get pissed! And it's been such a good day so far. I didn't get up until noon, and my feet don't hurt (As part of being a cripple I have phantom foot pain. I take many legal drugs for that. The day after drinking, my feet usually hurt more.) as much as they normally do on a Sunday. And, the Atlanta Falcons won again. Now the worst they can do this season is finish 3-13. But, just hearing that bullshit word gravitas, set me off.

The bad thing about Dimocrats and their foreign policy is the Dimocrats are usually clueless. Most of them have never met a socialist/communist dictator they didn't like. Let's engage Castro. The worker's paradise. Free health care. Bullshit. And that brings us to North Korea.

North Korea was developing nukes and the Clinton administration, using their foreign policy brilliance, negotiated a solution. If the North Koreans stopped trying to develop nukes, we would help them build a nuclear reactor. In other words, we were buying them off. I'm not sure, but was Jimmy Carter involved in the negotiations? It sounds like bullshit that clueless idiot would be involved in.

That really stupid president Ronald Reagan (All he ever did was win the Cold War. Not bad for a dunce.) came up with a wonderful quote, "Trust, but verify". Dimocrats, and the other useful idiots on the left seem to think that all you have to do is sign a treaty and the other side will automatically honor it. It doesn't work that way dipshits. Trust, but verify!

Now the left is saying, we don't want to cut off aid to North Korea. We need to engage them. No, you stupid dipshits, we need to immediately stop all aid. We need to totally bankrupt their economy like we did to the Soviets. But, it will hurt the poor innocent people of North Korea, But when we were trying to get South Africa to change their political system, the economic sanctions hurt the people we were trying to help.

The left: Well that was different.

Me: OK. 'Spain to me why it was different.

The left: Apartheid was evil.

Me: And communism isn't?

The left: You don't understand.

Me: You're right. 'Splain it to me.

The left: You're just a mean spirited conservative. You want to see North Koreans and Cubans die. It's not their fault.

Actually, I'm a mean spirited libertarian. I don't give a shit about Cubans and North Koreans. I don't give a shit about Palestinians or Iraqis. I care about Americans. I care about myself. I realize that's pretty selfish of me, but if it's me or them, I vote me. We Americans have more freedom and the highest standard of living in the world. I kinda like it that way. I don't like the fact that every time we turn the gummint over to the Dimocrats they immediately cut military spending, screw up our intelligence gathering ability, and turn our foreign policy into Kumbaya feel good bullshit policies. Listen up dipshits! The main function of our foreign policy should be to ensure that no one fucks with us. That means North Korea. That means Iraq.

But what should we do about North Korea? I've already said what. If we're giving them any aid, stop it immediately. I don't want to hear any liberal twit talking about engagement.

And whatever we do, keep Jimmy Carter out of the process.

We don't need him to fuck up anything else.

Thursday, October 17

Liberal, Beating His Brain, and Whipped

I was racking my brain today trying to think of something to write and durned if the Atlanta Urinal and Constipation, in the person of Jay Bookman, didn't serve me up a softball to clobber. And no, this is not some sort of sado-masochistic blog. Jay is one of our resident liberals at the Atlanta paper. Over the weekend he wrote a piece of tripe about Jimmy Carter and Martin Luther King being 'Two Pillars of Peace'. Todays piece of shit is about why people hate Jimmy Carter.

I'm beating my brain, but I'm still whipped

The title. Maybe if he quit beating his brain, he wouldn't be whipped.

Many things confuse me.

That's understandable. He's a liberal. It goes with the territory.

For example, I do not for the life of me understand why some people look at Jimmy Carter and see the AntiChrist.

Actually, we look at Jimmy Carter and we see someone who was probably one of the worst presidents this country has ever had.

You mention his name and they froth at the mouth and start muttering words such as "traitor" and "disgrace," in between words I can't print here.

Dumb fuck. Shithead. Asshole. Incompetent prick. Nice thing about the blogosphere. I can say 'em.

It's weird.

What? That we think Jimmy Carter is a dumb fuck, shithead, asshole, and an incompetent prick?

I can certainly understand not voting for Carter. In 1976, the first year I could cast a ballot, I myself voted for Gerald Ford.

Which means Jay's gone completely opposite of what Winston Churchill once said: "If you are not a liberal in your twenties, you have no heart. If you are not a conservative in your thirties, you have no brain."

I can also see why people might think Carter was an unsuccessful president.

I can too. Panama Canal. Iran hostage crisis. Double digit inflation. Double digit interest rates. Malaise. Gas lines. And that's just off the top of my head.

And if you think that somebody else might have been a better choice for the Nobel Peace Prize, hey, everybody's got a right to an opinion.

Opinions are just like assholes. Everyone has one.

But hatred? Of Jimmy Carter?

I don't hate him as much as I hate Bill Clinton if that makes Jay feel better.

But as I said, there's a lot I don't understand.

And as I said, he's a liberal and that goes with the territory.

Take this strategy where we're gonna try to destroy al-Qaida by attacking its enemy, Iraq. I've really been trying to figure this one out.

Iraq is a sponsor of terrorism. President Bush said that in the fight against terrorism, you're either with us or against us. Iraq is against us. Maybe Jay missed that speech.

I even watched President Bush's speech last week, in which he explained that we have to attack Iraq so it won't give arms to terrorists.

Then what's the problem?

For a brief moment, I thought I understood.

For a liberal, that would be a very brief moment.

But then, the very next day, the president's own CIA said that such a transfer of weapons was highly unlikely.

Would that be the CIA run by a Clinton appointee (and why hasn't that bastard been replaced) that was eviscerated during the eight years of the Clinton administration?

Which confused me even more.

How is that possible?

It does remind me, though, of an e-mail I got right after Sept. 11. A reader blamed the attack on President Clinton for failing to strike back hard enough after previous terror attacks on U.S. targets.

A few goats and and aspirin factory.

If that's the case, I responded, you have to blame Ronald Reagan too. Back in 1983, after Arab terrorists killed 200 Marines sleeping in their barracks in Lebanon, Reagan pulled our troops out of the region and ran off with his tail between his legs.

He's partially right about that. I think we should have kicked some major butt after that. But then Reagan bombed Libya. Didn't hear much from Ghadaffy (only one of the many spellings, but I like it the best 'cause it ends in daffy) after that did we? He's also overlooking the Gulf War where we did kick butt. Unfortunately, we didn't finish the job and then compounded the error by electing Clinton our pussy-in-chief. He did nothing except the above mentioned goaticide and the obliteration of the aspirin factory. Oh. I forgot. He also bit his lip and felt our pain.

That didn't go over well.

What your faulty logic?

In fact, based on the guy's reaction, you would have thought I had showed him a picture of Jimmy Carter.

Why? Did he throw up or burst out laughing? Those would be two valid reactions to a picture of Jimmy Carter.

Reagan did fight back, he insisted. To retaliate for the Lebanon attack, two days later the United States invaded Grenada.

Huh? Either Jay is making this up or the guy he's debating is a moron. The one had absolutely nothing to do with the other. We never retaliated for Lebanon. We should have rained cruise missiles on the Beka'a Valley. Even I admit Reagan fucked up on that one.

Somehow, I suspect that guy's now working in the Bush White House.

Somehow I doubt that. He's probably a liberal columnist at the AJC.

If so, he has probably met White House spokesman Ari Fleischer, who's another source of confusion to me.

I'm beginning to think Jay walks around in a constant state of confusion. There are drugs for that. Or maybe it's because of drugs.

When Fleischer was asked why Bush opposed a national firearms database that would track deadly bullets back to the gun that fired them, Fleischer tried quickly to change the subject:

Ari, I'll answer that question. Because it wouldn't fucking work you gun grabbing asshole. And I'll let my buddy Kim (scroll down to the 10 questions the President should ask the ATF) answer that question.

"And certainly, in the case of the sniper, the real issue is values," he said. "And that's what is at stake here. The real issue is values. These are the acts of a depraved killer, who has broken and will continue to break laws. And so the question is not new laws; the question is the actions here represent the values in our society."

Now what could possibly be confusing about that?

Values? A sniper is picking off innocent Americans, and our leaders talk about values?

You bet your liberal ass he's talking about values. What do you want him to talk about? That liberal bullshit about why they hate us? Or maybe he came from a broken home? Or maybe he grew up in grinding poverty? The guy is killing innocent people which is against the values of our society. And how did we get off on this tangent? I thought this column was supposed to be about Jimmy fucking Carter?

As I said, that's all over my head.

Is he bragging or complaining?

And finally, there's this mystery: Last month, one year after hijackers crashed airliners into the Pentagon and the World Trade Center, airport security screeners confiscated 62,000 knives, 59 guns and 2,900 boxcutters from passengers preparing to board airplanes, according to the Transportation Security Administration.

Since these figures come from the TSA they're suspect. I wonder how many of the guns were real and how many were toys? And what is the mystery? And what the fuck does this have to do with anything he's talking about? Do you realize he gets paid to write this shit?

I don't get that either. Does it have something to do with values?

I don't get it either. What the fuck is he talking about?


We won.

Jimmy Carter?

He finally comes back to Jimmy Carter.

Somebody help me here.

Jay, I hate to have to be the one to tell you this, but you are beyond help.

And now we come to an example of life imitating art. When I used to watch Cheers, I always thought that Woody Harrelson was acting. Little did I know then, that the character he was portraying, Woody, was actually more intelligent than the real life Woody. It kinda reminds me of what Grant Tinker once said of Ed Asner: "'Ed Asner has Lou Grant's image but Ed Asner's brain". Did ya see the incredibly stupid op-ed (link via Drudge) he wrote, for, who'd a thunk it, the Guardian? Now I was thinking of only fisking the two most ridiculous paragraphs of this op-ed, but I started laughing so hard I couldn't type. In one paragraph he has:

  • Kyoto - which would destroy our economy.
  • Join the world court - which is against our Constitution.
  • Stop subsidising earth rapers like Monsanto, Dupont and Exxon - no comment.
  • Shut down the nuclear power plants - Between that and Kyoto and we'd really have an energy crisis.

He left out 'Give Peace a Chance' and 'Save the Whales'.

If there are any blogger wannabes who want to try out a fisk of a column, this would be a good place to start. It would write itself.

I really think we folks in the blogosphere should come up with some sort of a weekly award for the most ridiculous thing said by an actor. We could call it the BABS (Bullshit Actor's Banal Statement - or sumpin' like that - this was just off the top of my head), named after, guess who? That's right, the person who thought Saddam Hussein was the dictator of Iran. Now who would be the arbiter? I recommend, Rachel Lucas or Andrea Harris. Both of them read me and they both have more readers than I do, so Rachel, Andrea, if either of you want to pick up on this, be my guest.

Meanwhile, Woody has me laughing so hard I just gotta stop.

See y'all next week.

Wednesday, October 16

Telemarketers and Junk Mail

So you're having a good time on your computer and all of a sudden a rash of Instant Messages arrive and completely breaks your train of thought. If this has happened to you, you know how Charles Butler must have felt.

Bummer. Kinda like telemarketers. I hate those bastards! I used to be real polite and say "I'm sorry. I'm not interested." I did that once and hung up and damned if the bastard didn't call back.

Me: Hello

Asshole Telemarketeer (AT): Mr. Wilson, we got cutoff.

Me: No. I told you that I wasn't interested. Goodbye.

Ring. Ring. Ring. Ring. Answering machine picks up and answers with my clever message.

AT: So, you sonuvabitch. You're not answering. Well fuck you you bastard!

I'm not making this up. It actually happened.

I have some rules regarding the telephone:

  • I don't answer it during dinner.
  • I don't answer it when I'm in a foul mood.
  • I don't answer it when I don't want to be disturbed.
  • I don't answer it when I'm not at home.

I refuse to allow the telephone to rule my life. Since I don't always answer the phone when I'm home, my friends Wahoo and Jeanella bought me an answering machine one year for Christmas. That way, they could at least leave me messages.

Back to AT's. I have caller id, but I can't read it unless I'm wearing my reading glasses. AT's usually show private line anyway. Like I said, I used to be polite, but I've gotten grouchier as I've gotten older. If I answer the phone and don't hear anything for 3 seconds, I know it's a computer generated call and I hang up. If they call manually and I hear noise in the background, I know its a boiler room and I hang up. But I'm doing it all wrong.

What's the worst thing you can do to a AT? Waste his time. I work with a guy named Dave, and he loves AT's. He tries to keep them on the phone as long as possible. Example:

Dave (as Jeeves the butler): Dave's residence. Jeeves speaking.

AT: Uh, is this the Dave residence?

Jeeves: Yes. This Jeeves, the butler. Whom are you calling please?

AT: Uh, I'd like to speak to Mr. Dave please.

Jeeves: And whom may I say is calling, sir?

AT: This is Asshole with the Annoying Company.

Jeeves: And Mr. Asshole, this would be in regard to what?

According to Dave, this would be about the time the AT would hang up.

Another time he played an old German gentleman and the AT was trying to sell him a condo in Helen Georgia. "Vy vould I like to go to hell, in Georgia". Dave says it drives 'em nuts and he has a great time.

But, I found an even better thing to do to AT's. A friend sent me the following:

Now Steve Rubenstein, a writer for the San Francisco Chronicle, has proposed "Three Little Words" based on his brief experience in a telemarketing operation that would stop the nuisance for all time. The three little words are "Hold On, Please." Saying this while putting down your phone and walking off instead of hanging up immediately would make each telemarketing call so time-consuming that boiler rooms would grind to a halt.

When you eventually hear the phone company's beep-beep-beep tone, you know it's time to go back and hang up your handset, which has efficiently completed its task. This might be one of those articles you'll want to e-mail to your friends. Three little words that eliminate telephone soliciting.

I love it! How come I can't think of stuff like this?

Somehow, I got on the mailing list of the Democratic National Committee. Don't have the slightest idea how that happened. Well, maybe, it's because I subscribe to the New Republic and they sold 'em my name. Bastards! Anyway, they're always hitting me up for contributions. They always send a return envelope for me to use to send in my contribution. I just seal the empty envelope and mail it back. But, I'm really missing an opportunity. Here's what I should do (Sent to me by a friend):

When you get ads in your phone or utility bill, include them with the payment let the companies throw them away.

When you get those pre-approved letters in the mail for everything from credit cards to 2nd mortgages and junk like that, most of them come with postage paid return envelopes, right?

Now this is GREAT!! I didn't think of this!!!

Well, why not get rid of some of your other junk mail and put it in these cool little envelopes!

Send an ad for your local chimney cleaner to American Express. Send the pizza coupon to Citibank. If you didn't get anything else that day then just send them their application back! If you want to remain anonymous, just make sure your name isn't on anything you send them. You can send it back empty if you want to just to keep them guessing!

Eventually, the banks and credit card companies will begin getting their junk back in the mail. Let's let them know what it's like to get junk mail, and the best of it is that they're paying for it! Twice!

Let's help keep our postal service busy since they say e-mail is cutting into their business, and that's why they need to increase postage again!

Send this to a friend or two or three...or fifty

Or anyone who reads this blog. C'mon people. Let's go.

I'm now looking forwards to junk mail.

Just this morning, I sent an add for painting and an add for carpet cleaning to Dissent Magazine.

Hope they like it.

Tuesday, October 15

Guns, Jimmy Carter and the Wacky McKinneys

Sorry there was no post yesterday, but Blogger decided to go flakey. I know. I know. That's a common problem for Blogger, but as I have mentioned many times, you get what you pay for. Just like my posts, blogs, articles, columns, or whatever y'all want to call my writing that I do here, sometimes I'm good and sometimes I suck. But, through it all I keep on posting.

My buddy, Kim sent me a link to an editorial in last Thursday's Atlanta Urinal and Constipation yet again arguing against arming airline pilots. Ever since Cynthia Tucker, editor-in-chief of the AJC's editorial page succeeded in her crusade to get Cynthia McKinney out of office, she's reverted back to her socialist, gun grabbing agenda. She wrote an editorial back in July on the same subject, so I went back in my archives and found this post fisking a previous editorial. Lazy? Yep. But she uses the same old tired arguments every time she writes about arming pilots. So, all I have to do is repost. As an added bonus, I have some kind words to say about the religion of peace.TM Caution! Contains adult language.

The local paper has been Jimmy Carter, Jimmy Carter, and Jimmy Carter. To whit:

  • Saturday stories:
    • CARTER WINS NOBEL PRIZE: Voice for peace (Barf!)
    • CARTER WINS NOBEL PRIZE: Honor spotlights Georgian amid talk of war (More barf!)
    • VOICE FOR PEACE: IRAN: Hostages' early bitterness softened through the years. (Yeah, you incompetent bastard. We've just about forgiven you for the 444 days we spent in captivity, you asshole!)
    • VOICE FOR PEACE: Books win critical and public acclaim (Yeah, he writes books too. More barf and I'm really starting to blow chunks!)
    • VOICE FOR PEACE: ATLANTA PROJECT: Even Carter can't defeat urban woes (No shit! You expect Jimmy Carter to be a success at anything? Jesus, now the chunks are coming through my nose. Arrgggh!)
    • VOICE FOR PEACE: U.S. REACTION (Andrew Young, St. Coretta Scott (Ka-ching!) King, and Griffen Bell shovel some major league bullshit - Nothing left in my stomach. It's nothing but dry heaves from now on)
    • VOICE FOR PEACE: WORLD REACTION (Gunnar Berge, Hamid Karzai, and Shimon Peres check in with some more bullshit)
    • VOICE FOR PEACE: COMPLEX CHRISTIAN: A man of faith who lives what he preaches (Ohhhh! I am in total agony now. Make them stop! Please! I'm begging you.)
    • VOICE FOR PEACE: Q&A: Focus on Carter Center gratifying (Finally! The last article about Jimmy)
  • Sunday
    • Carter credits his wife 'in everything I've done' (So it wasn't his fault after all. We can blame it all on Rosalynn!)
    • JIMMY CARTER / MARTIN LUTHER KING JR.: 2 pillars of peace (By Jay Bookman. Oh shit! This guy can make Molly Ivins look intelligent.)
    • JIMMY CARTER'S NOBEL: Former president's award long overdue (By Andrew Young. Can it get any more painful than this? )
    • JIMMY CARTER'S NOBEL: Prize eluded Carter for years, but peace victories rarely did (Oh no! It's starting again! Gag! Gag! Gag!)
    • FORMER PRESIDENT JIMMY CARTER: GLOBE-TROTTING GEORGIAN (And when he was gone, he wasn't fucking up anything here.)

Do you have any idea how long it would take me to address the bullshit in all these stories? So, instead, I'll write about sumpin' else. And just look what I found in today's paper. By golly, it's those wacky McKinneys again.

A group of voters seeking to overturn the victory of Denise Majette over U.S. Rep. Cynthia McKinney in the Democratic primary accused Republicans today of "hijacking" the election

Now that's a serious charge. How did the Republicans hijack an election?

Standing on the steps of the DeKalb County Courthouse, four of the five plaintiffs, joined by McKinney's father, Billy, pledged to press on with their federal lawsuit. They claim Republicans

Wait a minute! I thought Billy McKinney said it was the Jews, J-E-W-S, who were at fault.

ensured Majette's victory by taking advantage of Georgia's open primaries to cross over and vote for McKinney's opponent.

Which is perfectly legal in Georgia.

They are asking a federal judge to reverse the election's outcome by erasing those votes.

Go ahead. She would have still lost as we shall see later.

The plaintiffs also dismissed an analysis published in today's Atlanta Journal-Constitution showing that only a fraction of Majette's 19,000-vote margin of victory came from Republicans. The newspaper reported that only 3,118 of those votes came from clearly identifiable Republicans.

That can't be right! Don't confuse them with the facts. They are Dimocrats, after all.

"It's biased, just like everything else the Journal-Constitution does,"

The Journal-Constitution, if anything, is a left leaning paper. They were against Billy and Cynthia McKinney because they were tired of these two wackos embarrassing Georgia. Jimmy Carter is embarrassing enough.

said Billy McKinney, a state representative who was voted out of office three weeks after his daughter's Aug. 20 primary election defeat.

Nyah! Nyah! Nyah! Nyah! Nyah!

The plaintiffs claim that 37,500 Republicans crossed over and voted for Majette, more than half of the victor's vote total. Their analysis is based on the 2000 presidential primary in which a similar number of DeKalb voters cast ballots.

Holy shit! I didn't think there were that many Republicans in her district. Aha! They took away a lot of Republican voters from her district during gerrymandering redistricting and added a bunch of Dimocrats, so using 2000 election figures is bogus. But when did it ever bother a Dimocrat to use a bogus arguement?

In a two page analysis of the primary that is included in the lawsuit, Dan P. Young, a political consultant, wrote, "We know that 6,041 Republicans actually voted in the Republican fourth Congressional election, so what happened to the remaining hardcore Republicans whose numbers would be 31,350?"

I'll tell ya where they went. At least a third of them were moved into John Lindner's district as a result of the gerrymandering redistricting by the Dimocrat controlled legislature. The ones who didn't vote were working their butts off to pay the taxes to support all the welfare recipients in south DeKalb.

Young suggests they voted for Majette in the 2002 Democratic primary. But the Journal-Constitution study found that about 23,000 voters cast ballots in both the 2002 Democratic congressional primary and the 2000 Republican presidential primary. At least 12,000 of those voters were identified in the Journal-Constitution study as either Democrats or regular party-switching voters. The remaining 11,000 are a mixture of Republicans and people who typically don't vote in state primaries. "I believe [our analysis] should count for something," said Linda DuBose, one of the plaintiffs in the suit.

Sure your analysis should count for something, but it's worthless since, now listen real closely, I'm gonna talk real slowly here. Are you ready? Georgia. Is. An. Open. Primary. State. It. Is. Not. Illegal. For. A. Republican. To. Vote. In. A. Dimocratic. Primary.

Robert Dallas, a lawyer representing the GOP, dismissed the group's efforts.

"Nobody was breaking the law in exercising their right to vote," said Dallas.

Exactly. Now, what does the AJC have to say?

U.S. Rep. Cynthia McKinney believes it was Republicans who defeated her in the August Democratic primary. But an analysis by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution shows they weren't the decisive factor.

In fact, it wasn't even close.

Tell me more. I'm all ears.

Of the 68,612 voters who cast ballots for Democratic challenger Denise Majette, no more than 3,118 of them were voters who can be clearly identified as Republicans, based on their voting histories in state primaries. Majette's margin of victory, in winning 58 percent of the votes cast in the primary, was six times that amount.

Uh Oh! That's gotta piss off all the McKinney supporters.

The analysis suggests that most of the people in the 4th Congressional District who cast ballots in the Democratic primary either had histories of not voting often enough or of switching parties so often that they could not be classified as either Democrats or Republicans.

But I bet they were all tired of Cynthia McKinney's bullshit.

McKinney's backers claim Republicans ensured Majette's victory by taking advantage of Georgia's open primaries to cross over and vote for McKinney's opponent.

Which is perfectly legal.

They are asking a federal judge to reverse the election's outcome by erasing those votes.

Go ahead. She still lost.

The crossover vote was, at most, a couple of percentage points higher than normal based on the newspaper findings. Republican pollster and strategist Whit Ayres said crossovers in party primaries typically run between 1 and 2 percent. The GOP crossover in the McKinney-Majette primary was 3 percent.

Actually, judging by the people I saw at my polling place, it was consideralbly higher. Actual conversation on election day. (My polling place is Jewish synagogue, which, I guess is kinda poetic justice.)

Me: I didn't realize there were so many Dimocrats in Dunwoody. (10 to 1 when I voted.)

Female voter: From your lips to God's ears.

McKinney did not return a phone call seeking comment. Mike Raffauf, the attorney who filed the lawsuit on behalf of five DeKalb County voters, dismissed the findings.

Now this is news. This is the second time Cynthia McKinney has not returned a phone call. Any time Cynthia McKinney keeps her big fat mouth shut is a newsworthy event.

"I don't have any faith in any analysis you or The Atlanta Journal-Constitution would do," he told a reporter. "It's still a violation under the Voting Rights Act."

No it isn't. Georgia is an open primary ... Oh shit! What's the use?

The plaintiffs plan to hold a news conference at 11 a.m. today. on the steps of the DeKalb County Courthouse

Sorry I missed it. Bet it was a riot.

Stanley Baum, former head of the DeKalb Republican Party, argues McKinney's defeat was the result of a combination of circumstances.

And these were ...

"I don't think she lost because of the Republican crossover but because of a lot of factors," said Baum. "There were many different types of people who felt disenfranchised by her remarks and the remarks of her father," longtime state Rep. Billy McKinney.

Exactly. They were racists bullshit artists and the voters in her district wanted someone who was more inclusive and wouldn't continue to embarrass Atlanta and Georgia.

Baum, who is Jewish, said he cast an absentee ballot for Majette in the primary because he couldn't stomach the thought of entering a Democratic voting booth on Election Day.

Actually, it wasn't as hard to do as I thought it would be. It was the first time in my life that I ever voted for a Dimocrat.

He said he believes the call to arms by some Republican activists and conservative newspaper columnists to oust McKinney was heard by many different types of voters.

'From your lips to God's ears.'

The newspaper analysis suggests some evidence that supports that view. Along with thousands of switch-hitting voters, the primary drew 5,701 new voters and 4,694 people -- mostly dormant Democrats as identified by their voting histories -- who hadn't voted in at least four years

Cynthia really got out the vote!

The resulting Majette victory came from a patchwork of voting groups: independents, white Democrats and crossover Republicans. Joining them were 18,000 black voters who made up one-fourth of Majette's total. That estimate is based on Majette's vote totals in predominantly black voting precincts.

They were black Republicans?

Political experts generally believe McKinney's defeat was rooted in her alienation of white Democrats. They say she failed to correct a steady evaporation in recent years of support in the predominantly white sections of DeKalb County, once bastions of Republicanism that now lean Democratic.

Even the white Dimocrats got fed up with her racist, communist bullshit. Anyway, it goes on and on and continues to debunk all the bullshit theories the McKinneys have as to why they lost. They're racist bigots and the voters got tired of them.

But, I must say, I'll miss the McKinneys. They were always good for a laugh. And just think, the Green party wants her to run on the Green party ticket in 2004 as either president or vice president.

Those blogs will write themselves.

I can hardly wait.

Sunday, October 13

Idle Ramblings

I must admit I was guilty of some sloppy reporting in my last post. So, I went out to the National Proletariat Radio website and listened to the entire report about the poor lady whose health insurance has gone from $12 per month to $55 per month in two years. Andrea Harris commented that she didn't quite make $18,000 a year, but that's because she only worked part time while attending college full time and she couldn't get health insurance for three times that amount.

The lady in the story was a widow with two children. So she fits my catastrophic accident/illness category. But, didn't her husband have any life insurance? I don't wanna hear about how they couldn't afford it when he was alive. If they couldn't, why in the hell did they have two children? Next, her little $18,000 a year secretary job (I realize some secretaries are underpaid, but $18,000 a year is ridiculous. Even school teachers make more than that and they only work nine months a year.) has health insurancfe included. What she has to pay is $55 per month. Her employer pays the rest. How do I know? The share of my insurance I pay with TCIDNN (The Company I Dare Not Name) is $28 per month and there is only one of me. So $55 for three people is not really all that bad in today's market. But remember, NPR's agenda is socialized medicine so they need to make it seem like a lot of money and we need to implement a health care system like Canada's. Bah!

I got a note from Kim Dutoit with a link to this editorial in the Atlanta Urinal and Constipation against arming pilots. Cynthia Tucker, the head of the editorial page at the AJC, writes at least one anti-gun editorial or column a month. I have taken to ignoring them. This editorial was in response to an op-ed that Zell Miller had written for arming pilots. I wrote a blog about that a few months ago, and as soon as Blogger gets their archives fixed (Yeah. Yeah. I know, Blogger has problems, but it's free and easy to use. When I have time to fix the code problems on my primary PC, which will be an OS upgrade from Windoz 98 to XP, I'll see about moving to movable type. May need your help Rachel.

Also in Thursday's AJC was this article about how Georgia's congressional delegation was voting on the Iraq resolution.

Another Democrat, John Lewis, gesturing with his fists,

and spitting mightily. Ya don't wanna be in front of John Lewis when he is speaking passionately.

rose on tiptoes to plead for the peaceful prescriptions of the late leaders Mohandas Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr.

"War is bloody, it is vicious, it is evil, and it is messy," Lewis declared. "War destroys the dreams, the hopes and aspirations of people. As a great nation and blessed people, we must heed the words of the spiritual --- 'I am going to lay my burden down, down by the riverside. I ain't gonna study war no more.' "

John, ol' buddy, you better be glad that Lincoln didn't feel that way and we didn't fight the Civil War. John Lewis, bless his heart, means well, but, as a typical liberal is antiwar and pro welfare. Of course, we know Cynthia McKinney is against the war. And most of us in Georgia are against Cynthia McKinney.

Sunday's AJC was all Jimmy Carter. About the only thing Jimmy Carter has done worthwhile since his presidency is build houses for the poor. So, I've got a good idea. Let's let Jimmy Carter build some houses in Hillary's village. Then, while they're both there, use Alfred Nobel's invention, TNT, to blow them all to kingdom come. Isn't it a bit ironic that there is a peace prize named for the inventor of TNT?

There wasn't too much else worth reading in today's AJC. But I did come across this gem about the South Carolina NAACP. I am very pleased the the South Carolina NAACP has solved black poverty, black crime, black illiteracy, and all the other problems affecting blacks in South Carolina and can now get to the most important problem facing them: The Confederate flag on the capitol grounds.

Savannah --- The South Carolina NAACP put its money where its mouth is this weekend by convening its annual convention in Georgia instead of its home state. The group is maintaining a tourism boycott of its home state to protest a Confederate flag display on the capitol grounds.

But tourism officials said Friday the NAACP --- which launched the nationwide boycott of the state in January 2000 --- may be the only group still heeding the sanctions, others having moved on after the flag was moved from atop the Capitol building.

The flag used to fly above the capitol, but in a compromise agreement, it was moved from there to a Confederate Memorial on the statehouse grounds. Unfortuately, this was not satisfactory to the NAACP. We had a similar flap in Georgia with our state flag. The flag was changed which now has a bunch of ignorant goobers upset. It was a non-issue before it was changed and is a non-issue now that it has been changed. Get a life people! It's only a fucking piece of cloth. There's a lot of more important stuff to worry about.

One group that may still be feeling the effects of the boycott is black-owned businesses. Opponents of the boycott say the strongest supporters of the boycott are black families and organizations who typically support black businesses when they visit the state.

Now isn't that special? "We'll show those white folks. We'll fuck up black owned businesses."

"It would be common sense to assume there would be a higher percentage of involvement in the sanctions within the African-American community, which means businesses that are owned by African-Americans and cater to African-Americans are the ones affected the most," said Marion Edmonds, spokesman for the state Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism.

Common sense? Putting all this energy into getting rid of a flag?

In the past two years, Sponseller said, only one hotel has closed in South Carolina --- and it was black-owned. The owner cited the boycott as a factor, he said.

Way to go! The boycott is working! I bet the NAACP is really proud.

But NAACP officials say they have directed black groups to black-owned businesses in the state.

Wait a minute! Am I missing sumpin'? I thought there was a boycott. How can they be directing black groups to black owned businesses when they're telling blacks to stay out of the state? I'm confused. Could someone 'splain to me how this works?

"A lot of family reunions who said they needed to come but wanted to respect our boycott were directed to black-owned businesses," said South Carolina NAACP President James Gallman. "When possible, we've assisted black businesses."

Obviously not enough to keep the black hotel from going out of business.

Debates over the Confederate flag have erupted across the South in recent years. Supporters say the flag represents Southern heritage and valor; opponents say it is a symbol of black oppression and is the emblem of racist hate groups.

And the whole debate is a waste of time. It shows just how irrelevant the NAACP has come. Yeah, there are some ignorant racist goobers in the South, but getting rid of the Confederate flag will do nothing to end racism. Ignore the goobers. Get a life. Concentrate on more important things. Move on. Quit making a mountain out of a molehill.

In January 2001, the Georgia Legislature voted to replace its Confederate flag-centered state emblem with one that depicts a small image of the flag along with others that have flown over the state. Four months later, Mississippi voters rejected by 2-to-1 a proposal to replace their flag. Despite the different resolutions, neither state has seen the level of controversy that South Carolina has.

The NAACP must be stupider in South Carolina.

Beginning in early 2000, the NAACP organized a steady stream of protests --- including a five-day march to the capitol and periodic state border demonstrations encouraging visitors not to come into South Carolina.

Hoping to appease the NAACP and stem declining tourism dollars, lawmakers voted to remove the flag from the capitol dome on July 1, 2000, and move it to a still-prominent spot in front of a Confederate soldiers' monument on the building's grounds.

NAACP and its supporters say placing the battle flag at the monument was not much different from flying it on the capitol itself.

And the boycott continued and more black businesses suffered. Way ta go guys!

"What we're saying is we don't want our tax dollars supporting a Confederate flag display anywhere at the capitol," Gallman said at a convention seminar on Confederate flag history. "They can wear the flag and display it at their homes all they want, but it's not right to have it on public property."

Whadya wanna bet, that if they get their way, the next thing will be to make any display of the flag illegal?

At the seminar, about 100 members --- including several whites and about two dozen college students --- listened to a historian and watched videotape segments on the flag flap. Members applauded each other

They applauded each other. I just love that.

as they stood and talked about everything from economic disparities in South Carolina

Which, as we all know, getting rid of the flag will immediately solve all those "economic disparities"

to the "disrespect"

"They be dissing us."

from lawmakers who allow a Confederate flag on public property.

A lot of people who know what's going on are still backing the boycott," said Wilson, who graduated from the University of South Carolina in the spring of 2001. "We're not slowing down. We're going to continue this boycott until the flag comes down."

And we destroy more black owned businesses. The South Carolina KKK must be laughing their asses off.

I just came up with a fantastic idea! Let's let Jimmy Carter mediate this dispute. Now that would be worthy of a real Nobel Peace Prize.